Toni Gonzaga interviews BongBong Marcos, but glorifies his dictator father

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Toni Talks? More like Toni Talks-ic!!! Has a platform and yet this is how she chooses to use it, to give space for people like BongBong Marcos (BBM) to take back their power. Disappointed at Toni, but not surprised at this point.  

When Toni opened her interview with BBM with “a man who needs no introduction”, I was like “of course, the man who couldnt get over losing even during this pandemic when we had more urgent problems”

I would like to think more likely that she just couldn't find a decent introduction for such a pathetic person. But the Gonzaga are allied with the Marcoses.

Shempre sinilip ko yung content ng video. It’s not even about the interviewee, but a glorification of the Dictator as a good father. Talaga nga namang revisionism and image-building ito, 

BBM says he wants the new generation to know that he is “the son of the longest lasting President who brought the Philippines into the modern world.”

Malamang naman sa 2 dekada dahil sa martial law eh talagang umabot na sa modern times ang Pilipinas.

Perang ipangpapakain ni Toni Gonzaga sa anak niya ang naging kapalit ay dugo ng mga pinatay ni Ferdinand Marcos! Yan ang dapat tandaan nila.

Toni has all the resources to educate herself about all the atrocities during the marcos regime, but she didn't bother

 Or she knows, she just doesn’t care.

I’m not very optimistic. It’s Duterte’s 6th year, di naman sya nag improve. She’s not the common Facebook citizen na limited ang access sa information at vulnerable sa fake news. Whatever she does, she does with full consciousnesses.

This isn't about her giving a platform for different political parties to be neutral, lol. Inviting BongBong Marcos to talk positively about his father is Toni Gonzaga actively participating in historical revisionism. Let's not pretend otherwise.

But I'd like to believe she still has the humanity in her so im leaning on the idea that maybe, she doesn't know, and that's what frustrates me.

To be fair, Toni has interviewed VP Leni also. So i think she is just being neutral. 

She also interviewed Isko, Moreno Grace Poe and for sure lahat ng tatakbo this coming 2022 Election mga tao nga naman watch first before you complain. Her being a celebrity has an.advantage. I'm sure these personalities wouldn't let themselves get interviewed by common people.

Maybe "neutral" as a "host" of her channel, just like what she did to all future candidates. 

But I know, no one should be neutral in terms of politics. We must make a STAND. and I choose to stand on the right and not to those people who brought suffering to a lot of Filipinos.

But giving a platform to someone like BBM, with the reach and influence she has, was a distasteful and quite insensitive choice - most especially in our current political climate.

Napaka insensitive talaga! Hindi pinag isipang mabuti. Actually, expected ko na yang galing sa pamilyang magnanakaw ang isusunod niya after VP Leni.

I won't classify this interview as neutral. If neutral talaga siya, she should have asked about the ill gotten wealth too. Hindi puro pang PR questions. That to me is one directional.

Convicted plunderer ang parents. they did not admit ‘yung corruption or tried to give back what they stole. Madami ding abused and murdered during Martial Law to which no comment lang sila.

Kung buhay ba si Hitler dapat din siyang bigyan ng platform? For the sake of being neutral?

It is not about respect anymore. His family are the once who plunged are country to debt and causes suffering to our people. His family enjoyed and is still enjoying the momey that is supposed to be for All Filipino. Giving him platform is not about respect. It's evil.

But just out of curiosity as to how his mind works, I'd like to see hitler interviewed. Lol!

I think ang problem is, Toni assumes that all people are smart enough to judge fairly based on facts and not on what they hear. Pero ang masa ay madaling maniwala sa fake news.

Pero not everyone possesses a critical  mind. Sadly. Sa culture natin, We were never really taught to ask the right questions and to seek the truth. Therefore, not exercising critical mindedness. Kaya majority just accepts everything at point blank.

The problem with Pinoys are they can easily forgive & forget which is a bad habit. So all the more we have to educate them for the suffering this family brought to us. And fight those trolls who are trying to revise history.

If you give a platform, even to someone that lies, someone that twist facts, then you are living the mantra of a journo? Was everything within the content fact-checked?  Cause if not, that is not true journalism. She has a chance to show only the truth through editing.

Sadly, that’s what journalism is, you can’t choose sides. However, you have to present all sides of a story.

Journalism should mean truth and justice. Not "both sides" when one side clearly lies and manipulates people. What is the other side to a brutal dictatorship that launched the Philippines into the state that it is today?

BBM's parents are convicted criminals. There's no other side to that. He enjoyed the money his parents plundered. He and Imee faked their credentials. What other sides you want to know? As if them doing all the good deeds can bring back the people killed in ML days?

When Toni interviewed VP Leni, it was clearly to position her so called "Neutrality" and cover her real political affiliation and close ties with the Marcoses.

C'mon. No Apolitical or Neutral person has a history of campaigning for BBM in his VP bid. 

What are inaanaks for? 

Always thought Toni’s interview with VP Leni was suspect, but I wasn’t so sure. 

Ginamit ni Toni si Leni. She used Leni so she can posture as someone neutral and objective, so that the vlog with Bongbong will appear to be anything other than propaganda.

Sige add fuel to historical revisionism pa. Hanggang magdusa ang lahat at ietsapuera lahat ng nag buwis buhay para sa ating demokrasya.

All the more that we have to be vigilant and make sure BBM will not get back to power. What I'm just trying to prove is, let us watch it but be critical and make sure to correct whatever attempts in trying to revise history. And call out Toni for her failure to fact check!

Kaso tamad at walang will power ang karamihan na mag fact check kaya wala tayong aasahan sa ganitong klaseng interviewer.

Anyone with a braincell can discern that what she did was malicious and a ploy to appear neutral when she is clearly not. 

Toni interviewed a lot of possible candidates so i understand why people think she's just being neutral. But Isko, Grace, and Leni or their parents were never proven guilty of graft and corruption. This is not Toni being neutral, she made us think she was by posting the other 3 first.

But we should not be quick to judge if it goes out our way or principles, she is just trying to present to us & later be the judge. We should also be open minded that life works that way. There shld be respect.

Just wanna say to those people who sucks BBM's dick and licks his ass, a wise philopher once said, sana bayad ka kasi mahirap na tanga ka lang for free. Also kung di ka bayad, at least side with the truth at least malinis konsensiya mo.

The ‘apolitical’ posturing isn’t sending a good message, knowing that most of her colleagues are stepping up to amplify the voices that must be heard. This is irresponsible. This is disappointing. This isn’t fairness, kung yun ang palagay niyang ginagawa niya.

I know I might get flak for speaking up about this, but I cannot, in good conscience, be silent about it. Because that means I’m endorsing the way she’s giving EVERYONE the platform even if some of them should be deplatformed in the first place. This isn’t it, Toni.

Sanay tayo na gumawa ng mga palabas na naniniwala sa kakayahan ng taong gumawa ng kabutihan. Pero kailangan din nating i-underline - hindi lahat ng tao, deserve ang entabladong ito. Kailangan din nating manindigan para sa mga taong napagkaitan ng bukas dahil sa mga taong ito.

Hindi ko talaga magets kung paano nasisikumaraan ni Toni Gonzaga, pati na rin ni Alex na maging neutral at this time and age. 

Kaya talaga si Bobbie yung favorite ko sa mga Salazar siblings eh: 

Why Toni? Why him? I think you used your platform inappropriately. Yung pamilyang yan ang nuno ng kurapsyon d2 sa Pinas. Bakit mo pinag-aksayahan ng panahon yan? Nakakagalit.

Syempre kapag malapit na eleksyon saka niya ilalabas yung interview kay Bong Go at Duterte, That’s the strategy. Check the pattern: Tugade- Villar (pati sa vlog ni alex nalabas)- Poe- Marcos. Di na talaga natuto tong si Toni G nakakaloka.

Magaling na strategy para di mawala sa limelight ang Videos niya. Malaki kita, di ba?

The worst and most distasteful part is that we will be commemorating one of the darkest days in Philippine history on the 21st. Ganda ng timing mo, Toni.

Toni Gonzaga should know the quote by a bishop:

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality”

Anong silbi ng pagiging Kristiyano mo ghorl, bukang bibig mo Jesus, God eme tapos you will side with an oppressor? a murderer?

Neutrality has no place right now. The Philippines is on the verge of collapse because of these kind of people. Toni should know better. This is not about being apolitical, we are talking about the future of our kids and that includes hers.

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