Warrant of Arrests to be issued against Michael Yang and Pharmally executives

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

"A warrant of arrest will be issued against former presidential adviser Michael Yang after he was cited in contempt for failing to attend the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing despite two subpoenas served to him"

Yang is being required to attend the hearing to shed light on his ties to Pharmally Pharmaceuticals Corporation, the government's biggest provider of medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Senate blue ribbon committee will also issue arrest warrants to five Pharmally officials who failed to show up in today's hearing despite the subpoenas served to them.

After serving two subpoenas already and lies being perpetrated before the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, we move to cite Michael Yang IN CONTEMPT. We are now ordering the proper authorities to issue warrant of arrest.

Lawyer Raymond Fortun says Michael Yang “expressed his full and complete cooperation” with the Senate Blue Ribbon committee investigation.

Fortun says Yang failed to attend today’s hearing as he did not receive first 2 subpoenas, provides Yang’s Las PiƱas address. 

This amps up the heat on the Senate's ongoing clash with President Rodrigo Duterte, who turns out to have links to businessmen behind anomalous pandemic contracts.   

I like it when this Dick has balls. About time.

They need to push hard for the investigations and get to the bottom of this. It's possible they’ll uncover more of this administration’s anomalous transactions.

This is what a real government should be doing. Hindi puro puppet ni dirty old guy. Nakakasuka na mga DDS.

So a warrant of arrest has now been issued for "Michael Yang!"

What are the odds that he is still in the country?

Me? I wouldn't bet on it! 

The Senate and Immigration better place a hold departure order against that man. Magtatago or mangingibang bansa na yan. But since he has ties with the government, he may be out of the country already.

Get an HDO immediately. He might be packing his bags as soon as he learned about this...or maybe he's already out of the country.

Baka mamaya makalabas na naman ng bansa yan, parang si Peter Lim lang. Alam naman natin na malakas ang kapit nyan na mga namumuno. You cannot arrest a ghost. But the two culprits behind this are always together.

More politicians need to do their job for love of country.  If politicians aren’t pandering to the president, maraming mali na mahuhuli at maitatama. Babalik ang tiwala ng Pilipino sa gobyerno. More than 4 years na tayo ginagago ng administration ni Duterte.

I wonder if Duterte will include Yang in his promise to "extract within 24 hours," any of his cohorts to be cited in contempt.

Remember what Digong said - he won't allow his cabinet members (or any other personalities in the government) to languish in the senate. He will "pick" them up within 24 hours from the time they were jailed. What are you gonna do then?

Good luck!

Naku bubula na naman ang bungangang kanal ni Duterte … magbubuga na naman ng mga basura sa weekly Talk Shit nya.

Maaresto naman kaya? Bakit parang ang hopeless kahit gusto ko maging hopeful. Pero ito talaga dasal ko. Na dumating din araw ng mga mapanamantala at masasama sa gobyerno. At patuloy ingatan at gabayan ang mga mabubuti at tuwid.

Why was "Michael Yangang" appointed as a Presidential Economic Adviser?

He is neither a Filipino citizen, has been linked to the illegal drug trade. Not to mention, he has close ties with PRC officials that masterminded encroachment of PH territory at the West PH Sea.

Yang is the mainlander rep for the ventures of the trio Go/Uy/Yang. Go does the politics, Uy the businesses, and Yang pulls strings in China. Go is dancing on broken glass, also rusty nails. He's so screwed.

The Davao Conference.  Go is acting like a cornered animal.  Will he play dead?  Escalate?  Escape and evade?  Or pass the buck?  Or count on 40% on the voting list to extricate him?  i suddenly have this compulsion to re-watch The Godfather I & II.  must be the weather.

Yang is a big time businessman in Davao. He owns a chain of shopping outlets. Duterte also mentioned that Yang is involved in money lending too.

How can a non-citizen own businesses? Possibly entered the Philippines illegally using his money to change his identity and acquire Filipino citizenship in a very irregular process... that's what I suspect.

Next news "Michael Yang nowhere to be found and assumed already left the country..."

Then the Inutil Duterte will do another ballistic accusation to the investigating senators and the past administration to divert the issue.

I really don’t know also if the warrants will work. These crooks are used to it. Taiwan is a strong country and they issued a warrant of arrest to the incorporators of Pharmally, but then nothing happened. The execs are still free, roaming around, doing businesses left and right. Lalo.na sa Pilipinas dahil yung gobyerno mismo natin ang kasabwat.

Bong Go seems to be hiding out. Laying low. Ducking and covering. Soon we will find out that he has never heard of Michael Yang. Nor has Duterte. Roque will blame Senator Drilon for Michael Yang. ...and many other denials, excuses and diversions.

Kapag hindi lumabas yan, lalo lang lalala yung pagdududa ng taong bayan kina Duterte. 

Bigyan ninyo ng justice ang mga Pinoy lalong-lalo na ang mga taxpayers, frontliners at ordinaryong tao.

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