5 Myths to Debunk About 5G Technology

5 Myths to Debunk About 5G Technology

Many Filipinos, particularly gamers, are thrilled about the rapid adoption of 5G technology and the introduction of affordable 5G devices. They anticipate speeds up to ten times faster than 4G and a smoother gaming experience. Here are five myths about 5G technology that needs to be debunked.

Myth 1: 5G technology is unsafe.
Fact: There are already an increasing number of 5G-ready cybersecurity measures.
There are concerns that 5G's various virtual networks, radio access network slicing, and high reliance on software will make users more vulnerable to hacking.

However, as cyberattacks get more complex, cybersecurity solutions must also evolve. Businesses and consumers have already won half the battle by adhering to these data breach prevention practices.

Myth 2: 5G technology consumes more power and drains the phone battery faster.
Fact: Due to 5G's faster speeds and low latency, it consumes less power than 4G.

While 5G is more powerful than 4G, this does not always imply that the former drains a handset's battery faster than the latter, as conditions differ.

For instance, 5G may consume more battery life if it is having difficulty finding a good and steady signal, but 4G may potentially drain the battery faster due to the slower data transfer rate of 5G. On the plus side, certain 5G technologies will alleviate these difficulties.

Myth 3: 5G speed works on 4G-capable smartphones.
Fact: You need a 5G-capable smartphone to enjoy the 5G network speeds.
To fully experience 5G, Filipinos will need smartphones that support the higher internet speeds, expanded coverage, increased capacity, and ultra-low latency associated with 5G. However, the high cost of early 5G devices has acted as a barrier.

Today, some affordable 5G smartphones are available in the Philippines, such as Infinix Zero 5G and Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G.

Myth 4: COVID-19 spreads through 5G networks. Also, COVID-19 vaccines include 5G chips.
Fact: There is no truth at all.
According to World Health Organization (WHO), no adverse health effect has been linked primarily to exposure to wireless technologies. If you haven't yet been vaccinated, please do so immediately.

Myth 5: 5G is all about mobile internet speed.
Fact: 5G technology offers low latency in data transmission set to revolutionize smartphones, computers, and even industrial robots.
Allowing for lightning-fast data transfer between devices, 5G is an innovation that enables faster communication between two devices than ever before, paving the way for effective implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in various industries.

In online gaming, 5G's low ping, combined with its increased capacity to support more devices concurrently and increased bandwidth, enables a more consistent multiplayer gaming experience, as well as unprecedented immersion in augmented and virtual reality (VR) games. 5G will set the stage for cloud gaming, which means developers will be able to offer free trials of their games prior to purchase, and users will be able to play resource-intensive games without having to download them.

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