Cabal Mobile Nevareth League 2021 Grand Finals set for April 30, 2022

Cabal Mobile Nevareth League 2021 Grand Finals set for April 30, 2022

PlayPark has announced that Cabal Mobile Nevareth League 2021 Grand Finals is slated for April 30, 2022.

From among the hopefuls who entered the contest, only two guilds remain to fight for the right to be crowned the first kings of Nevareth and League champions.

AvilaEsports vs. TheCrimsonVow

AvilaEsports squad has demonstrated their mastery and expertise in the game from the start, having advanced through the Eliminations and claiming the top spot at the Guild Rank Infinity Tournament (G.R.i.T). AvilaEsports' members are seasoned Cabal veterans who have weathered the storm of obstacles. Since winning the G.R.i.T finals - the first of three Nevareth League legs - the boys have had time to rest, plan, and observe the other legs' competitors.

TheCrimsonVow is equally battle-tested and victory-adorned in Cabal Mobile as the undisputed guild representing the Philippines in the Nevareth District Wars - the final Nevareth League tournament leg. AvilaEsports has defeated this guild twice since the tournament began.

Cabal Mobile Nevareth League 2021 Grand Finals Shoutcasters

Infinity and Witcream, two fan-favorite Nevareth League casters, as well as Cabal M's own CM Auburn, will call the action.

Watch and Win

The Nevareth League 2022 will be streamed live on the official Cabal Mobile: Heroes of Nevareth Facebook page.

Moreover, the Cabal M team has prepared several activities that will cement the Cabal M community's place in history.

By joining the Mythical 8 contest, viewers can vote for their dream team. Additionally, they can submit selfies of themselves watching the winning moment and be eligible to win fantastic prizes. Fan signs and shoutouts will occur during the stream, which will be hosted by a very special and very royal guest of honor. Finally, viewers can wager on who will win Php 1 million in cash and in-game rewards by voting for the Championship winner! The winning entry will receive a handsome Php 10,000.

On April 30, 2022, the Cabal Mobile Nevareth League 2021 crowns its first champion team! Make sure to follow Cabal Mobile Heroes of Nevareth on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord for the latest news, events, and contests.

The official Nevareth League 2021 microsite contains the complete tournament rules and regulations. Check out the official Facebook Page for the latest news and information about Cabal Mobile Heroes of Nevareth. Additionally, @CabalMobilePH can be found on Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

More details about Cabal Mobile

Cabal Mobile launched in the Philippines and Vietnam in September 2021. It is a mobile MMORPG game that takes the entire concept of ESTGames' classic Cabal Online PC.

Cabal Mobile features dungeon raids and guild wars in the game, in addition to PVE and PVP environments. It takes place in the land of Nevareth, a thousand years after the Apocalypse. Players are tasked with protecting this new land from a prophesied evil that has awakened, as well as discovering the truth about the horrors that threaten to overrun it.

Eight classes are available: the melee-focused Warrior, the dual-wielding Blader, the element-based Wizard, the defense specialist Force Shielder, the long-range damage dealer Force Archer, the complex but extremely powerful Force Blader, the Rage-fueled Gladiator, and the fast-shooting Force Gunner.

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