Crypto Golf Impact launches globally on Android, iOS platforms

Crypto Golf Impact launches globally on Android, iOS platforms

Neowiz has officially launched Crypto Golf Impact globally on Google Play (for Android) and Apple App Store (for iOS).

According to the developers, Crypto Golf Impact is a revamp of the mobile sports game "Golf Impact" with the integration of blockchain technology.

It features a real-time PVP (Player Versus Player) and easy operation for users in settings of various world attractions.

The P&E (Play and Earn) mobile game is integrated into Klaytn mainnet-based blockchain open platform Neopin. Crypto Golf Impact is available in 156 countries, except for South Korea and China, among others.

Players can earn Crystals, the game currency, through Daily Missions after purchasing the in-game Crypto Pass.

The Crystals can be swapped to utility tokens called S2 Tokens. S2 Tokens can be exchanged for Neopin Token (NPT) in the NEOPIN app.

Moreover, players can provide S2 Tokens and Neopin Tokens pair to the liquidity pool simultaneously through the Neopin Wallet to get additional NPT as a reward for the liquidity provision.

Neopin Token was initially listed on MEXC Global in February 2022 and has since been listed on seven additional exchanges, including a major Korean exchange Bithumb and a foreign exchange

To celebrate the official launch of Crypto Golf Impact, the developers will award USD 10 worth of Crystals to all players who played the game within seven days of the launch date and a 50% discount on the Crypto Pass which will be available until May 5, 2022.

Meanwhile, Crypto Golf Impact will continue to release new content, such as Championship Tournaments and NFT (non-fungible token), allowing players to earn additional Crystals.

To know more about Crypto Golf Impact, you can follow its official Twitter handle (@teamcryptogolf).

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