Free Fire holds events for the month of Ramadhan

Free Fire holds events for the month of Ramadhan

Free Fire brings a month of special campaigns to commemorate Ramadhan with the Filipino Free Fire community. To coincide with Ramadhan events, Free Fire is teaming up once again with Malaysian celebrity Zizan Razak for the newly launched campaign, "Free Fire For All" ("Free Fire Untuk Semua" in Bahasa Melayu).

For the month of fasting, Free Fire has prepared a slew of exciting activities for its local community of players, also known as Survivors in the game. The collaboration with Zizan Razak and Free Fire's broader Ramadhan events demonstrates Garena's commitment to delivering locally relevant content to the Free Fire community.

Free Fire Ramadhan-themed events

This Ramadhan, players can look forward to engaging in exciting activities and earning highly coveted rewards. The events will take place on two significant dates this year: Raya Galore Day on April 23 and Hari Raya on May 3.

The Ramadhan activities began on April 16 with a time-limited event, the "Gather the Dates" aftermatch drop, which will take place daily between 7 PM and 7 AM during the fasting period. Survivors can also collect "Duit Raya" packets throughout the event, which can be exchanged for Ramadhan-themed items such as the Blooming Falco pet skin, as well as the Falco pet itself.

On the Raya Galore Day (April 23) and Hari Raya (May 3), players will be treated to various login bonuses and missions where they can collect additional themed prizes such as unique collectibles and an exclusive emote. Moreover, the elusive Magic Cube will be available only on Hari Raya Day.

Keep an eye out on Free Fire's Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages for all the latest "Free Fire For All" updates.

Free Fire x Zizan Razak

Players can welcome Zizan Razak's return as Free Fire's brand ambassador as he reprises his role as the game's protagonist in the game's campaign film. In addition to starring in "Abang Long Fadil" and "Polis Evo," the actor-singer-comedian served as the brand's first Malaysia ambassador in 2021.

This partnership is a component of the larger "Free Fire For All" campaign, which aims to foster a supportive local community for all Free Fire players in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The campaign will run for five months, beginning in April and ending in August. Zizan Razak also makes a reference to upcoming collaborations in his video announcement, stating that the campaign will host additional events "involving famous faces."

For more information about the Free Fire For All campaign, you can follow the official pages of Free Fire Philippines on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram pages.

Meanwhile, the recently concluded collaboration of Free Fire with the K-pop group BTS has introduced various surprises, including in-game activities, exclusive login rewards, a game mode, a music video, and BTS-designed skins.

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