Globe 5G offers 3x faster speeds than mobile WiFi —Ookla

Globe 5G offers 3x faster speeds than mobile WiFi —Ookla

Globe's 5G speeds are now three times faster than mobile WiFi, according to first-quarter data from Ookla Speedtest Intelligence.

The telco giant recorded a median 5G download speed of 121.29 Mbps in March, compared to 42.95 Mbps booked by all fixed providers in January 2022.

Ookla used a statistical validation technique known as Hsu's Multiple Comparisons with the Best (MCB) to determine Globe's 5G median download speeds in comparison to mobile WiFi speeds.

Globe has credited continuous network speed improvements to consistent investment in network upgrades and infrastructure development.

Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO, shared that they are committed to bringing "better mobile experiences" for their customers in terms of speed and, more importantly, how they extend life-essential services through their robust network.

Globe has budgeted P89 billion for capital expenditures this year to expand its network, upgrade existing sites to 4G/LTE, accelerate the rollout of 5G connectivity, and accelerate the fiberization of Filipino homes.

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In 2021, the digital solutions provider will invest an all-time high of P92.8 billion in activating over 2,000 5G outdoor and in-building sites, constructing 1,407 new cell towers, upgrading 22,300 mobile sites, and installing 1.4 million fiber-to-the-home lines.

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