Got 'No Record Found' on Comelec's Precinct Finder? Here's Why

Got 'No Record Found' on Comelec's Precinct Finder? Here's Why

Several Filipino voters encounter a "No Record Found" result on the Comelec online voter precinct finder. The platform was launched on April 22, 2022, and since then, it has received a massive amount of visits.

Commission on Elections (Comelec), on April 24, 2022, said that registered voters who got a "No Record Found" upon searching their precinct in the Comelec's precinct finder website ( are asked to confirm their status with their local Comelec offices before the May 9 elections.

Moreover, Commissioner George Garcia told TeleRadyo that the system might have been "overloaded" with search requests at the time of its launch. He encouraged users to revisit the online precinct finder.

Additionally, voters are urged to recall whether they voted in the 2018 barangay and SK elections, as well as the 2019 local elections. If yes, he stated, their status should be active.

Here are the tips from Comelec for voters who got the "No Record Found" result.

Search for your status via the online precinct finder again

Garcia explained that missing or incorrect records could be the result of an overloaded system.

Try a variation of your name

The Comelec precinct finder website noted specific rules on how to enter some names.

You can add your name suffix after the First Name.

You may also try putting a period after JR/SR.
  • JUAN JR.
  • JUAN SR.

For those with MARIA, you may try different variations.
  • MA.
  • MA

Wait for your voter information sheet

The Comelec is scheduled to distribute the voter information sheet to all 67.4 million registered voters in the Philippines prior to the May 9 elections.

The information sheet contains the voter's name, address, polling precinct, place of registration, and instructions on how to vote. It should be sent to all registered voters via registered mail.

Visit your local Comelec to verify your status

The main office of Comelec receives data from its local branches, which can verify whether you voted in the 2018 barangay and local government elections, as well as the 2019 local elections.

To know the location of your local Comelec office, go to, click the 'Contact Us' in the main menu located at the top part of the website. Under the 'Contents List' section, select Field Office.

That's it. Those are the reasons why a "No Record Found" result yields when you try to search your information on the Comelec voter precinct finder.

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