Identity V: Professor Luchino, S21 E1, Deduction Star Event, B.Duck Crossover

Identity V: Professor Luchino, S21 E1, Deduction Star Event, B.Duck Crossover

NetEase's 1V4 asymmetrical battle mobile game Identity V has brought numerous surprises for its players. It includes the launch of the new Survivor-Professor Luchino, the essence of the Ancient Greek-themed season, Deduction Star Event, and Identity V x B.Duck Crossover.

New character: Professor Luchino

Professor Luchino, a reptile enthusiast, vanished after acquiring a rare viper. In his room, people discovered enormous scales stained with blood that did not belong to any known creature.

Identity V Professor Luchino

Professor Lucino has vanished permanently as a result of the mysterious change. However, what surfaced in the mysterious manor were rumors about the creepy creature known as the Evil Reptilian.

Following the introduction of two new pairs of characters in Novelist - Orpheus and "Nightmare" - Orpheus, as well as the Joker and the Crying Joker, Identity V's IDENTITY system is set to welcome its third new pair of characters: Professor Luchino, the new Survivor. What is his connection to the Hunter Evil Reptilian? You will discover the answer as the story progresses.

Identity V Season 21 Essence 1

The S21 E1 has a quote: "Wine boiling in hot springs as we become drunk. We worship."

Identity V Season 21 Essence 1

During the course of his exploration, an ancient Greek scholar discovered a fossil powered by an unexplained source of heat. The SPA he created using fossils is capable of cleansing, assisting people in relaxing, and purifying the soul. Attracted by the fossil hot spring's magical effect, guests poured in.

What tourists don't realize is that this is the location of the disaster. Individuals who have bathed in, soaked in, or saunaed in spring water will acquire a secret power. They develop atavism, and some even lose their self-consciousness.

The spring's owner was profoundly moved by the fossil hot springs and began to worship Dionysus in ancient Greece. The entire spring is consumed by ancient Greece's self-defeating tragedy and intoxicated pleasure. The insane banquet begins with the rise of water vapor and the aroma of the wine.

Deduction Star Event

The curtain is up, the stage is prepared, and you are the audience, the play's author, and the show's master. Who will you choose from the gleam of countless deduction stars?

Identity V - Deduction Star Event

The Deduction Stars of 2022 have arrived. By voting, players can select their favorite Deduction Star. Starting from this year, it will include the second stage of voting in which all previous year's Deduction Stars will compete for the one and only Best Deduction Awards and the Exclusive Customized S costume.

Identity V x B.Duck Crossover Event

The crossover between Identity V and B Duck will run from May 1 to June 5, 2022.

Identity V x B.Duck Crossover Event

By participating, players can win the following:
  • crossover Accessories
  • Portrait frame
  • Portrait
  • Graffiti

Four crossover costumes and furniture will be available in the store:
  • [S costume] Guard 26 - B.Duck
  • [A costume] Mercenary - B.Duck
  • [Furniture] B.Duck Bathtub
  • Crossover [Furniture] B.Duck Photo Frame

You can enjoy a minimum 20% discount in the first week.

The famous asymmetrical mobile game Identity V is coming with a massive amount of new updates. You can follow its official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to keep updated.

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