LifeAfter Season 4 new chapter 'Deadly Blossom' brings new challenge, map, stages

LifeAfter Season 4 new chapter 'Deadly Blossom' brings new challenge, map, stages

Open-world survival game LifeAfter has launched a new chapter, Deadly Blossom, bringing a new 'Battle for Survival' challenge, map, and stages. Check out more details below.

New Survival Challenge: Dark Nest

The new chapter of "LifeAfter Season 4: The 2nd Outbreak" begins another Battle for Survival, bringing a new Plant x Zombie survival challenge.

LifeAfter Dark Nest

The plot goes like this. According to legend, the sudden appearance of bat monsters forced the residents of Miska to flee the town, and several of them died in a strange state of rigidity. Survivors were tasked with conducting an investigation and discovered a Bud Nest area emitting mephitic vapor. The fact that Revenant, the half-human and half-zombie creatures, are unaffected by the Bud Nest toxins has aroused human suspicion, resulting in a division between humans and Revenant. Simultaneously, more conspiracies are surfacing.

Beginning April 28, a new Battle for Survival—Dark Nest will begin. The bizarre Bud Nest's mysteries are waiting for players to unravel. Log in throughout the event to claim free limited frames and abundant resources and complete tasks to get a limited backpack.

New Map: Gem Cove

Along with the new Battle for Survival mode, the game introduces new PVE content. Gem Cove, a new mysterious map, is now available to players.

LifeAfter map - Gem Cove

The story behind the new map goes like this. When the old-world virus spread, it is said that the residents of Gem Cove constructed a secret vault and hid treasures within. However, they were all assassinated before they could flee. The fragments of the vault's key have dispersed, and the treasures have become legendary. Now, survivors have descended upon the magnificent and perilous Gem Cove in search of lost treasures.

New Stages: Perilous Peak and Beginning

Advanced stages, including Perilous Peak and Beginning, are now available.

Go to the summit of the oxygen-depleted snow mountain and learn about the origins of the Dawn Break's first-generation members; Light the oil lamp and make your way through the misty Cemetery, looking for hints to the Source.

War Preparation Upgrade

Upgraded challenges necessitate an upgrade to War Preparation. Beginning April 28, players will receive a new level cap upgrade.

Manor Level Cap raises to 26, and the three Mastery Level Caps increase to 130.

In May 2022, Camp will enter a new technology era known as the Quantum Period, which will provide increased access to exclusive resources and camp technology. A new piece of Gear called the "Tactical Belt" will be available, which will provide various bonuses when combined with various Chips.

For more details about the new chapter and the game, you can visit LifeAfter's official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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