Play-to-Earn shooter 'Special Force Rush' kicks off CBT with rewards

Play-to-Earn shooter 'Special Force Rush' kicks off CBT with rewards

Play-to-Earn shooter game Special Force Rush has started its closed beta test, offering rewards to players. SF Rush CBT runs from April 26 to 29, 2022. Check out more details below.

According to the official Special Force Rush Facebook page, the servers are online from April 26, 2 PM, until Friday, April 29, 2 PM (Philippine Time). The closed beta stage is composed of two events: CBT Login and Bug Hunt.

Event 1: CBT Login

Log in daily during the event period and get special Gift Packages.
  • 1 Day: SF Gift Pack Type A (CBT Emblem, CBT Title)
  • 2 Days: SF Gift Pack Type B (7d Wolf Package, CBT Emblem, CBT Title)
  • 3 Days: SF Gift Pack Type C (15d Wolf Package, CBT Emblem, CBT Title)
  • 4 Days: SF Gift Pack Type D (30d Wolf Package, CBT Emblem, CBT Title)

Rush Wallet account is required for this event.
Rewards are not cumulative and will depend on the total number of logins. For example, if a player manages to log in for 3 days, he will be rewarded SF Gift Pack Type C.
Event Rewards will be transferred during the open beta test (OBT).

Event 2: Bug Hunt

Find and report bugs via Discord to receive exciting in-game rewards! Here's how:
  1. Log in and play the game. Watch out for bugs.
  2. Record or screenshot the bug.
  3. Go to the official Discord
  4. Bug reports should be posted in the #cbt-bug-report channel under the CBT Bug Hunt category. Here's the format:
  • Subject: short description
  • Bug Type: Weapon, Map, Mode, Function, Character, etc.
  • Game Mode: Team, Team Match, Single, Zombie, etc.
  • Map: Desert Camp, Shanghai, Missile, etc.
  • Repeatability: Anytime, Rarely, etc.
  • Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 11, etc.
  • Screenshot/Video: a screenshot of the issue or video link
  • Details: Provide steps to reproduce the problem

Rewards will vary on the priority level of bugs reported. Here are the rewards.
  • Magma Package (7 Days) - for low-level bug reports, such as typographical errors, images, and glitches
  • Dragon Package (15 Days) - for medium-level bug reports, such as in-game item related errors or functions
  • Aurora Suit Box (30 Days) - for high-level bug reports, such as client crash issues or any issue that negates the playability of the game client

Rush Wallet account is needed for this event.
Any duplicate bug will be checked and deleted by the Game Master, so make sure to check the #cbt-cofirmed-bugs channel in Discord before posting.
The Game Masters will reach out to you on Discord for the rewards insertion after the CBT period.

How to register an account and download Special Force Rush?

You can register for an account and download the game client through its official website (

How to create a Rush Wallet account?

1. Go to and click on the Sign in button.
2. Click on Rush Wallet Sign in.
3. A Rush Wallet Login window will pop up. Click on the "Don't have an account?" button.
4. Fill out the form with your email address and password. (Passwords need to have more than 8 characters with numbers and special characters.)
5. Once Account Sign Up is complete, click OK. Log in with your credentials and proceed to Rush Wallet creation.
6. Enter your birth date in numerical form.
7. Select New Wallet, and enter your preferred wallet nickname and wallet password. (Wallet password does not have to be the same as your account password but ensures you keep track of both.)
8. Wallet creation has been completed at this point, but for added security, you will be given mnemonics that you will have to keep in a safe place. This will be required to secure your account.
9. Another layer of security is the OTP. Download an OTP or Authenticator app.
10. from your app store and scan the QR code. Once successful, enter the 6-digit code.
11. Proceed to create a new KLAY Wallet.
12. Wait for your account to automatically sync to Infinity Market. Otherwise, click on Link my account to Infinity Market.

More information about Special Force Rush

Special Force Rush (SF Rush) is the Philippines' first play-to-earn online FPS game by the South Korean game developer, Dragonfly. The P2E metaverse Infinity Market allows players to summon characters, enhance weapons, farm Special Bullets in-game, and trade coins. Moreover, players can embark on fast-paced, challenging game modes while enjoying the same familiar gameplay of the classic SF.

Special Force Rush comes as a 'planet' in the P2E metaverse Infinity Market. You can mine and exchange coins, summon characters, and enchant Infinity Stones. Play alongside Infinite Rush and upcoming titles.

Players can experience familiar gameplay from Special Force 1 along with enhanced game modes, maps, weapons, and characters.

By completing game objectives and eliminating enemies, you can earn in-game coins that can be traded for BEBIT coins. Take part in airdrops, which include newcomer benefits and a slew of other incentives.

Infinity Market has a 'Spaceship' to accommodate investors and players looking for scholarship opportunities. Distribute the benefits of Infinity Stone and earn money in a team setting.

To recall, Dragonfly has announced that it will be releasing a play-to-earn version of its famous first-person shooter game Special Force in Southeast Asia in 2022. It has established a subsidiary company in the Philippines called DF Chain. DF Chain will manage the overall development of the play-to-earn ecosystem, from NFT (Non-fungible Token) issuance to coin deposit and withdrawal, supply and demand adjustment, and NFT purchase and transaction. The new subsidiary is a joint venture between RUSH Coin Foundation and DRAGONFLY GF CO., LTD.

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