PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update: enhanced Livik map, new collabs, Ban Pan 2.0, more

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update: enhanced Livik map, new collabs, Ban Pan 2.0, more

PUBG Mobile has revealed a series of interesting new updates that players can look forward to, with the much-anticipated Version 2.0 Update arriving next month.

A video was released by PUBG Mobile as part of the company's "Step 4ward" 4th-anniversary celebrations, sharing the details of the upcoming major update to the battle royale game.

After nearly two years of testing, PUBG Mobile said that the newly-enhanced Livik map is set to launch with the Version 2.0 Update. Along with new collaborations with BLACKPINK, EVANGELION, and The Great British Teddy Bear Company, the big update includes gameplay improvements, Ban Pan 2.0, and more.

The official version of the enhanced Livik map, PUBG Mobile's fast-paced 2x2 sized map, will launch with several updated themed areas, each with its own distinct architecture and playstyle.

The revamped areas in the Livik map are as follows:
  • Midtstein – is a complex urban environment with a mix of buildings, roads, and alleyways, ideal for fostering focused, high-octane close-range fights.
  • Blomster – Blomster is divided into several sections by wide roads with numerous vantage points. A newly constructed soccer pitch provides players with an excellent location for recreational activities.
  • Logistic Center – The Lumbar Yard's original structure has been upgraded to create the new Logistic Center. This expansive zone is densely packed with numerous covers. This area will be dominated by players who can maneuver quickly around tight corners.
  • Iceborg – From a snow-covered plain, the new Iceborg rises. A skyscraper church stands solemnly amid loosely aligned structures, creating the ultimate hide-and-seek scenario.

PUBG Mobile will also add new ways to traverse Livik to the official map, introducing a new all-terrain, four-seater UTV that is equally adept at crossing mountains as it is at zipping through tight urban roads and alleyways. Additionally, vehicle ramps will be added to allow thrill-seeking players to launch their vehicles into areas that are inaccessible by foot in order to obtain exclusive activity rewards. Ziplines will also provide an enjoyable and rapid means of traversing the map.

The XT firearms have been introduced to Supply Shops in Livik in the official version. Certain firearms can be upgraded to their XT variants by buying the XT Upgrade Crate from the Supply Shop.

Numerous new Livik map features have been added to enhance gameplay and provide players with additional challenges. Following the entry of a map, an Advanced Supply Zone will appear randomly near the flight path. While these zones will be abundant with supplies, they will also attract other players, resulting in intense skirmishes with a high risk / high reward ratio. Players will be able to participate in treasure hunts thanks to the addition of a new in-game treasure map that allows them to mark crates on the mini-map. For eagle-eyed players in need of a break, concealed berries scattered throughout the official map will restore energy.

Moreover, the upcoming Version 2.0 Update in May will introduce a new Emergency Pickup map mechanism to the Erangel and Miramar maps in Ranked and Unranked Modes. When PUBGM players are outside the Playzone, they can deploy the Emergency Pickup anywhere there is open space. The Emergency Pickup will generate a hot air balloon, which will summon a rescue plane to bring the player to the middle of the Playzone. However, players can continue to take damage from the Blue Zone even while in the air.

Adding to the Version 1.9 Update that included Classic battle royale maps to the arena, the new Version 2.0 Update will introduce an Arena version of the Sanhok map. As a limited-time event, the familiar Recall Towers will also return to the Erangel and Livik maps in Ranked Mode.

Along with new map mechanics, PUBG Mobile revealed a slew of control improvements, including a new haptic feedback feature that will be used with weapons, vehicles, character statuses, and sound visualization, among other things, to provide players with an even more immersive in-game experience.

PUBG Mobile also announced a significant upgrade to their anti-cheating software, the Ban Pan Security System 2.0. The new system will provide all players with improved, smarter, and faster anti-cheating measures on three major fronts: new anti-cheat features, match reviews, and player reporting. Players' in-game views can be intelligently identified using the cutting-edge technological Fog of War Anti-Cheat system. By taking into account the map's buildings and terrain, the server will sync data within each player's visible range to their local device, while information outside the player's in-game visual range will not be synced locally, effectively combating cheats such as X-Ray vision and others.

The new Eagle System will empower senior investigators by enabling real-time monitoring to make more accurate assessments of match-day cheating. In addition, the AI learning modules in Ban Pan 2.0 have been enhanced to detect a broader range of suspicious player behavior and impose appropriate penalties.

Further, a brand new Ptopia Design Project (PDP 2.0) was announced, with the goal of establishing an urban city block for creative players from around the world to collaborate and create even more content.

Finally, in an exclusive sneak peek, PUBG Mobile announced upcoming collaborations with wildly famous K-Pop female group BLACKPINK, internationally acclaimed anime EVANGELION, and The Great British Teddy Bear Company.

The Version 2.0 Update for PUBG Mobile will be available next month. Stay tuned for more information.

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