PUBG Mobile Asian Games version to feature racing, shooting drill

PUBG Mobile Asian Games version to feature racing, shooting drill

PUBG Mobile will make its Asian Games debut as an official medal event in Hangzhou, China, in September 2022. However, the famous battle royale title will have its own Asian Games version, which will be quite different from the game currently being played by players worldwide.

According to the new Road to Asian Games 2022 website ( launched by the Asian Esports Federation (AESF), PUBG Mobile teams will compete in "various real-sport game experiences, including but not limited to parachuting, cross-country shooting, and racing" to decide winners.

"The classic gameplay mixes modern sports events such as triathlons, giving rise to an E-Sports event that corresponds with the sportsmanship —— Cross-country Shooting Competition," noted AESF.

The AESF is an organization recognized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and is in charge of esports at the 2022 Asiad. The Road to the Asian Games is a program designed to choose teams from each country for the final competition in China.

In the PUBG Mobile Asian Games version, each game will have 4 teams of 4 players, each competing across multiple stages. Each stage will feature target shooting missions followed by a vehicle drive to the finish line. The rankings will be determined by which team reaches the finish line first.

As per South Korea's Money Today report last month, shooting other players in PUBG Mobile will be prohibited at the Asian Games 2022 due to concerns that it would "harm the harmony" between countries. Thus, the traditional battle royale mode of the game, where players fight it out to emerge as the last surviving team on the map, was removed.

Meanwhile, a PUBG Mobile leaker who goes online by the name LuckyMan has uploaded a video on YouTube showing the beta test gameplay of PUBG Mobile version 2.0. The upcoming PUBGM version will include a "Triathlon mode."

PUBG Mobile - Triathlon mode - obstacle course

The first part of the Triathlon mode will consist of an obstacle course with varying degrees of difficulty at each step, and it will make use of ledge grabbing, vaulting, and jumping mechanics.

PUBG Mobile - Triathlon mode - target shooting drill

If a player falls off the obstacle course, they will respawn at their last checkpoint. After each obstacle, players will face a target shooting drill, which they must complete in order to advance to the next obstacle.

PUBG Mobile - Triathlon mode - racing

After completing the obstacle course, players will come face to face with some vehicles on a racetrack. Each player will be given access to a vehicle and must drive it for the rest of the round to finish the triathlon course.

PUBG Mobile is selected as one of eight medal events for the 2022 Asian Games' esports category. Other titles include Dota 2, League of Legends, Street Fighter V, Hearthstone, FIFA, Dream of Three Kingdoms 2, and an Asian Games version of Arena of Valor.

Image credits: Tencent, Krafton

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