Smart Free TikTok For All available to select Smart/TNT promos

Smart brings free TikTok access to select prepaid promos

Smart has unveiled its FREE TikTok For All promo, which provides subscribers free TikTok, from 1GB/day to unlimited access, when they register select Smart Prepaid and TNT promos.

Subscribers to Smart's FREE TikTok For All promo will receive daily unlimited access to TikTok upon registration for select Smart Prepaid promos worth more than PHP 99.

On the other hand, subscribers can receive a daily free 1GB of data for TikTok when they subscribe to select Smart Prepaid promos worth PHP 99 or less.

How to register Smart/TNT Free TikTok For All?

Smart Prepaid and TNT subscribers can register FREE TikTok For All through the GigaLife App, available for download on the Apple App Store (for iOS), Google Play Store (for Android), and Huawei AppGallery (for Huawei devices without GMS). Here's a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Log in to your GigaLife app and choose the "Free TikTok For All" tile.
Step 2: Choose from among the Giga offers.
Step 3: Tap the Subscribe button.
Step 4: Enjoy your free access to TikTok.

Customers can also subscribe to the promo by dialing *123# and selecting FREE TikTok For All.

Other registration channels include Retailer UMB, ELP, iLoad, KaPartner App, KaPartner Portal, and DMS API.

Smart/TNT promos eligible for FREE TikTok For All promo

Here's the list of qualified promos for the FREE TikTok For All promo:

Free 1GB/day for TikTok

  • Giga Power+ 99
  • Giga Video 99
  • Giga Stories 99
  • Giga Games 1 99
  • Giga Games 2 99
  • All Data 99

Unli TikTok

  • Giga Power 149
  • Giga Power 499
  • Giga Power+ 199
  • Giga Power+ 699
  • Giga Video 299
  • Giga Video+ 149
  • Giga Video+ 449
  • Giga Stories 299
  • Giga Stories+ 149
  • Giga Stories+ 449
  • Giga Games 1 299
  • Giga Games 2 299
  • All Data 299
  • All Data+ 149
  • All Data+ 499

Additional information on the usage of Free TikTok For All:
Upon successful registration and meeting the criteria, you will receive a successful registration SMS stating that you have been credited Free TikTok on top of the registered data package. Another option is to check your balance via the GigaLife App or dialing *123#.

You may use your Free TikTok to access the TikTok app. It enables you to watch and upload content until your data allocation runs out.

There is no limit on the number of times a subscriber may register this offer. Each individual may take advantage of any other offer from the same brand.

When you avail of an offer with 1GB TikTok/day and another one with Unli TikTok/day, the duration of the Free TikTok will follow the validity of the promos availed. When used, the unlimited version will be the first to be depleted.

When you avail multiple offers with Free 1GB TikTok/day, it will stack up for the day. Each 1 GB of TikTok will follow the expiry of the original offer subscribed.

There is no need to maintain a PHP 1.00 airtime balance to be able to enjoy your package.

SMS notifications shall be sent upon the expiry of the offer.

Smart Free TikTok For All promo runs until June 15, 2022, subject to extension.

Learn more about the latest Smart and TNT promos thru the USSD code; just dial *123# for free. And to get help on your promo problems, contact their customer service hotline by dialing *888.

What are your thoughts about this Smart Free TikTok For All promo? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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