Wild Rift: WCS Finals 2022 Game Format, Teams, Schedule, Streams

Wild Rift: WCS Finals 2022 Game Format, Teams, Schedule, Streams

Riot Games has announced the details for the League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions SEA (WCS) Finals 2022.

The tournament, taking place from April 23 to May 8, will feature 11 teams from Southeast Asia (SEA), Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Oceania competing for their share of a USD 200,000 prize pool and the chance to qualify for the game's crowning event, the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship. Wild Rift Icons Icons is the first world championship for the MOBA title, which will happen in Europe this summer.

Below are the details about WCS Finals 2022, including its game format, teams, schedule, and live streams.

Game Format

Here's the game format for the Wild Rift Champions SEA (WCS) - Finals.

Play-ins Stage (April 23 to 25)

  • The 2nd Seed from WCS Philippines, WCS Vietnam, WCS Thailand and WCS Masters, as well as the OCE Winner, will compete in this stage.
  • The 5 teams will play each other in a single round-robin format. Each match will be a best-of-two (Bo2) series.
  • Teams who secure a 2-0 win will earn 3 points, but if the match concludes with a draw, both teams will earn 1 point. A team that loses 0-2 will not earn any points.
  • The top-ranked team will qualify directly for the Playoffs stage. The second and third-placed squads will compete in a best-of-five (Bo5) series for the last spot in the playoffs.

Playoffs Stage (April 26 to May 8)

  • This stage will feature all WCS Regional Champions and 2 teams from the Play-ins.
  • The 8 squads will be split into 2 groups of four teams each. The first pool will include the winners of the WCS Masters (Hong Kong and Taiwan), Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. On the other hand, the second pool will consist of the champion from WCS Malaysia/Singapore, Indonesia, and two teams from the play-ins.
  • The squads will be drawn into a double-elimination bracket. Teams from the same sub-region can't be drawn against each other.
  • All games will be played in a best-of-five (Bo5) series except for the lower bracket finals and the grand finals, a best-of-seven (Bo7) format.

Wild Rift: WCS Finals 2022 Bracket

2022 Wild Rift Champions SEA (WCS) Finals Teams

Here are the teams qualified for the WCS Finals 2022.


  • Cerberus Esports (Vietnam)
  • Fennel Adversity (Philippines)
  • Evos Esports (Thailand)
  • One Team (Masters-TW/HK)
  • Smash Logic Gaming (Oceania)


  • Team Flash (Vietnam)
  • RRQ (Philippines)
  • Buriram United Esports (Thailand)
  • Flash Wolves (Masters-TW/HK)
  • Persis Esports (Indonesia)
  • SEM9 (MY/SG)

2022 Wild Rift Champions SEA (WCS) Finals - Participating Teams

WCS Finals 2022 Schedule

The dates for the stages of the WCS Finals 2022 are as follows:

  • Play-ins: April 23 to 25
  • Playoffs: April 26 to 27; April 29 to May 1; May 6 to 7
  • Grand Finals: May 8

Where to watch Wild Rift Champions SEA (WCS) Finals 2022?
You can watch the livestream of the games on the official channels of Wild Rift Esports on YouTube and Twitch. For Tagalog broadcast, you can tune into the official Facebook pages of WCS Philippines and PPGL.

Source: Riot Games

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