Apex Legends Mobile launches globally on iOS, Android

Apex Legends Mobile launches globally on iOS, Android

Apex Legends Mobile, the new strategic battle royale game set in the immersive Apex Legends universe, is now available for iOS and Android devices, as announced by Electronic Arts.

Apex Legends Mobile is designed from the ground up for mobile competition and brings with it the incredible, team-based Apex Legends battle royale action that fans around the world have come to love.

This mobile launch provides players with a new and distinct connection to the Apex Legends universe, allowing both new and veteran fans to expand their Apex Legends experience through mobile-first innovations and play-anywhere capabilities.

Season 1 begins today, accompanied by a brand-new gameplay trailer showcasing Apex Legends Mobile-exclusive Legend, Fade, a high-tech supersoldier armed with potent phase-shifting technology. Fade appears to be a dangerous addition to the Legend roster, as he possesses a potent tactical ability that allows him to reset himself a number of points earlier in an encounter and an ultimate ability that rewards both offensive and defensive play.

In addition, a mobile-first Team Deathmatch mode launches alongside the Season 1 Prime Time Battle Pass, the Seasonal Shop, and a plethora of fresh content for Apex players to explore.

The upcoming weeks and months will see the release of new content, Limited Time Modes, Legends, region-specific content, and Town Takeovers independent of the console and PC versions.

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay

In Apex Legends Mobile, players can team up with two friends to compete against other mobile players, utilizing the unique abilities of each Legend to master team roles, synergize plays, and dominate the Apex Games. With ten Legends available at launch, including Fade, players can choose from a cast of fan-favorite Legends with a diverse set of skills and personalities that complement a variety of playstyles.

Apex Legends Mobile, co-developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios and Respawn Entertainment, features the Legends, abilities, and locations that players know and love, with streamlined controls and thoughtful optimizations that make the competition feel fast and enjoyable on mobile.

With a month-long Battle Pass system, Legend Progression, weekly challenges, and improved social systems, Apex Legends Mobile is loaded with content to keep players coming back to the Apex Games.

Apex Legends Mobile features the following maps and game modes at launch:
  • Battle Royale on the World's Edge map
  • 3v3 Arena mode on Thermal Station, Artillery, and Overflow
  • An all-new, mobile-first Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode on Deathmatch and Clash rules across five maps - Market, Artillery, Overflow, Thermal Station, and last but not least, Skull Town

Apex Legends Mobile Minimum System Requirements

To ensure stable and smooth performance, here are the minimum specs required by Apex Legends Mobile.

For Android
  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 / HiSilicon Kirin 650 / MediaTek Helio P20 / Samsung Exynos 7420
  • Operating System: Android 6.0
  • 4 GB free space
  • At least 2 GB RAM
  • Open GL 3.1 or higher

For iOS
  • iPhone 6S or later
  • Operating System Version: 11.0 or later
  • CPU: A9
  • 4 GB free space
  • At least 2 GB RAM

Players can download Apex Legends Mobile on Google Play and Apple App Store for free. It includes optional in-game purchases.

To recap, Apex Legends Mobile has soft-launched in the Philippines and nine other regions in March 2022. Meanwhile, the release date for its full launch was announced last week.

Prior to the soft launch, it conducted the closed beta test (CBT) stage in the Philippines in May 2021, followed by another CBT in August 2021 that included Malaysia and Indonesia.

For more information about the mobile battle royale shooter, you can visit its website (https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/apex-legends-mobile) or Twitter handle (@PlayApexMobile). Additionally, you can join its official Discord server (https://discord.gg/apexph) for the latest news and discussions with the local community.

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