BEWARE: This Is How Facebook Accounts Get Hacked

Finally! The method used by unscrupulous groups to hack into Facebook accounts has been revealed. Users of Facebook, beware!

They will first hack the account of someone you know and then ask you to "like" a contest in which their "child" has participated.

The hackers will then send you to a phishing site and ask you to log in to your Facebook account "so you can see the photo."

You will be asked to share the link as well.

The hacker will set a deadline to put you under time pressure and will trick you into believing that the "liking" process will be simple.

If you call the hacker, they will tell you that they don't have any load and are only using free data to access Facebook.

When you attempt to confirm who you are chatting with, the hacker will block you.

That's all there is to it; just be cautious and remember to share this blog post with your loved ones and friends.

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