How to fix 'Your SIM card is not activated' error in Xiaomi

How to fix 'Your SIM card is not activated' in Xiaomi

It's pretty often when Xiaomi smartphone owners fail to activate SIM cards. Upon opening the phone and going through the process of setting it up and activating Mi Messaging, some users immediately receive the notification "Could not activate SIM card." It's troublesome because it keeps notifying us without explaining what it is for or how to fix it.

What is the cause of this error? The error occurs when your SIM card attempts to send a message to Xiaomi in order to verify your mobile number and activate your Mi Message. If you're using a prepaid SIM, especially a new SIM, and don't have enough balance to send SMS internationally, the SMS will fail. Thus, this sim card activation issue has nothing to do with your network connection.

Here are the three methods to solve Xiaomi's 'SIM card not activated' error:

Method 1: Load your SIM card

The first solution to fix this problem is to load your SIM card.

If you're a prepaid subscriber, top up your balance. On the other hand, activate your international messaging/roaming on your device if you're a postpaid user.

Doing this method will allow your SIM to send the verification. Albeit, this will cost charges on your mobile account.

Method 2: Turn off Mi Message on your phone

Open your Messaging app and click the gear icon at the top left corner to open the settings. Then, under the Mi Message section, toggle off the switch button.

Mi Message

The disadvantage of doing this method is that you will be unable to use Mi Messaging, which is quite useful for texting with friends free of charge. (That is if they are online and using MIUI as well.)

Method 3: Activate your SIM card on Xiaomi's official site

Go to the Xiaomi Cloud website ( and log in with your Mi ID/Account. If you don't have Mi ID yet, click the 'Sign Up' tab.

Xiaomi Cloud

The website will prompt you to verify your SIM card number and send you the activation/verification code to that mobile number. This way, your account will avoid being charged for international SMS, as Xiaomi will be sending the message.

Mi Account Sign in

Note: You may sometimes receive a jumbled message of numbers and letters from Xiaomi instead of the actual verification code. If this happens, insert your SIM card to another device (preferably an old, non-Android phone) and try to send a verification code again.

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If you are unfortunate to resolve the issue using one of the abovementioned methods, updating your firmware is recommended. It is possible that the version you are using contains bugs that have been resolved in subsequent versions. In this case, you should perform a firmware update. If none of this helps, contact your mobile provider's customer service hotline.

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