Idle mobile P2E game 'Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX' launches globally

Idle mobile P2E game 'Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX' launches globally

Mojito Games, a subsidiary of Joycity, launched its latest P2E (Play to Earn) game, "Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX," globally on May 11, 2022.

The mobile game Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX combines the features of the shooting game genre with idle RPG elements. It is currently available for Android devices (via Google Play) and supports eight languages. It will also release on Apple App Store (for iOS) soon. In addition, the developers said they are planning to make an APK version of the game, compatible with Android emulators for PC.

Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX - heroes

With the 'Combine' feature, players can obtain new Heroes and, after upgrading them, arrange them in a variety of formations. Heroes from "Game of Dice," a mobile board game, will join the fight. The game will feature a season system in which Heroes can be utilized in exclusive battles and receive special buffs. Season to season, the game's content will vary.

Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX - drones

HeroStones can be mined using Drones, exemplifying the idle P2E aspects of the game. For the 'Drone Search,' drones will return after a set amount of time with Herostones that can be exchanged for the game's utility token, HERCO, a vital in-game currency.

Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX - Commander system

The Commander system is a fascinating game element. When players equip Commanders, they can receive buffs that affect the mining process directly. By completing levels, players can earn crafting materials for Drones. By equipping higher-Rarity Commanders with Exceptional Drones, it is possible to increase mining efficiency.

Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX - HeroStone and HERCO

There are five Commander rarities in total: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical. After 'Sealing,' Commanders with a rarity of Rare or higher can be minted into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and traded via the WEMIX Wallet.

Further, there will be a massive 3-part AirDrop event in which 5,000,000 HERCO will be distributed. Ten thousand randomly selected participants who complete the AirDrop event missions will receive 50 HERCO, and five participants who complete the "invite a friend" mission will receive incredible rewards. In addition, there will be various other events that will be exclusive to its community followers, so players should stay informed.

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To know more info about Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX, you can visit its official website ( or follow its Twitter account (@PlayCryptoBallZ).

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