Mobile MMORPG 'Araka' launches in SEA with gift code

Mobile MMORPG 'Araka' launches in SEA with gift code

Appguru Technology has officially launched its new mobile MMORPG, Araka, in the Southeast Asian region for Android and iOS platforms.

Araka is developed by Umi Game using Unreal Engine. The mobile game features an enormous 9 million square meters world with aerial and ground combat.

Players in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, and Cambodia, can download Araka on Google Play and Apple App Store. You can use the gift code AGC2T365Hms to receive plenty of rewards.

Moreover, Appguru Technology and Umi Game have prepared an abundance of game content and events to celebrate the official launch of Araka. Players can expect spectacular boss battles, guild-related events, cross-server events, and exclusive events that reward them with a free legendary mount.

Araka Features

Four Classes – Each class has their own background story, as well as unique skills with multiple combat setups that Araka players can customize.

Aerial Battles – A massive 9 million square meter environment and 18 billion cubic meters of 3D space were created with Unreal Engine. Players can experience aerial combat in 360 degrees.

Boss Battles – Various real-time PVE (Player vs. Environment) boss scenarios, ranging from personal bosses to real-time multiplayer boss raids. Players can enjoy both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.

Over 200 Cosmetic Items – Through numerous events or PVE/PVP content, players can receive hundreds of cosmetic items, including unique costumes and beautiful wings. There are various cool mounts that can carry players into the sky.

Cross-server Wars – Players can join 100v100, 200v200, and 300v300 cross-server guild wars to become the last guild surviving.

Community Forward – The guild system in Araka has over ten different features across PVE, PVP, and casual modes. Gamers can build relationships with their guildmates and engage in the most challenging battles with real-time voice interaction.

Araka - character

Araka - boss battle

Araka - mount

Prior to its official release, Araka opened pre-registration event, offering a variety of rewards to pre-registrants.

To know the latest news and updates on the mobile MMORPG Araka, you can visit its official website ( and Facebook page (

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