PH records average mobile speeds of 19.45 Mbps —Ookla April 2022 data

PH records average mobile speeds of 19.45 Mbps —Ookla April 2022 data

Internet analytics firm Ookla has released the Speedtest Global Index for April 2022, indicating that the Philippines' internet rank has dropped 2 spots in Mobile and increased 1 position in Fixed Broadband.

The country ranked 95th globally in the Mobile category, recording a median download speed of 19.45 Mbps. The mobile upload speed was posted at 5.52 Mbps, and the average latency was 23 ms. Despite the drop in rank, only the upload speed decreased compared to the March 2022 ranking of 93rd, which listed a 19.38 Mbps download speed, 5.61 Mbps upload speed, and latency of 23 ms.

For the Fixed Broadband, the Philippines placed 59th, posting an average of 55.21 Mbps download speeds. The average upload speed and latency were registered at 52.10 Mbps and 6 ms, respectively. Compared to the previous month's ranking of 60th, which recorded an average download of 52.16 Mbps, 49.08 Mbps for upload, and latency of 6 ms, both download and upload speeds have significantly improved.

PH ranks 95th in mobile and 59th in fixed broadband, according to the April 2022 data of the Ookla Speedtest Global Index.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) led the mobile internet speed charts worldwide, recording an average speed of 134.48 Mbps. Singapore dominated the fixed broadband category, with an average of 207.61 Mbps download speeds.

Ookla noted that they utilized median download speed to closely represent the typical user experience.

The Speedtest Global Index for April 2022 includes 142 countries for Mobile and 181 for Fixed Broadband.

Ookla's Speedtest service compares results on internet speed across the world, based on millions of tests conducted monthly using the internet testing website.

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Furthermore, Ookla requires at least 300 unique user results for both categories: mobile or fixed broadband, leveraging a massive internet testing infrastructure with more than 10,000 servers in over 190 countries.


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