PlayPark to launch MMORPG 'Noah's Heart' in Southeast Asia

PlayPark to launch MMORPG 'Noah's Heart' in Southeast Asia

Asiasoft-led game publisher PlayPark has announced that it will launch the sci-fi MMORPG mobile game "Noah's Heart" in the Southeast Asia region.

PlayPark has partnered with game developer Archosaur Games, maker of Dragon Raja, a famous fantasy mobile game, to announce the rights to launch Noah's Heart in the region.

Over ten million people have pre-registered for this game in China alone. The game will be launched in six Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Thai, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Bahasa Indonesia will all be localized versions of the game.

Noah's Heart is a mobile game built with Unreal Engine 4 technology, featuring a massive Open World map.

Noah's Heart Features - Borderless Map

The diverse atmosphere, sceneries, and locations allow players to immerse themselves in the game. They'll battle hundreds of enemies and non-player characters, all of whom can interact with them, as well as summon a sidekick pet Phantom to assist them in combat.

Noah's Heart Features - Phantom (pet)

Moreover, Noah's Heart features a dynamic day-night cycle and weather system, providing gamers with a virtual experience that allows them to explore the planet realistically.

Noah's Heart Features - Character Customization

Characters in Noah's Heart can customize their faces, hairstyles, and poses. On top of that, players can freely choose their characters' careers and choose from four different types of starting weapons, including swords, double swords, spears, and bows.

Noah's Heart Features - Intense Combats

While the various weapon choices affect passive skills, the characters' overall combat power and playstyle will be unique to each player based on their customized options. Additionally, players will be able to choose and switch between weapons at any moment, as well as summon a unique pet called Phantom, who will battle beside them faithfully.

Besides the overview and features of Noah's Heart, PlayPark didn't reveal further information like the release date.

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