PUBG Mobile x Dream Monster: Guides, Missions, Rewards

PUBG Mobile x Dream Monster: Guides, Missions, Rewards

PUBG Mobile players can gather rewards by petting, feeding, and growing Dream Monsters. Dream Monsters, released just in time for summer, are sea creatures with a resemblance to the axolotl, a species of salamander.

Players are invited to log in and tame their own Dream Monsters in PUBG Mobile. Players can pet, feed, and interact with sea creature-like dream monsters to earn massive rewards every day. These companions may not be able to directly assist you on the battlefield, but their mere presence will be enough to cure you of your tilt or rage. If their appearance isn't enough, rest assured that they also provide incredible rewards when properly and consistently cared for.

After freeing the cute sea creatures from their bottles, players need only to feed and pet them, give them a little exercise, and — completely optionally — spoil them with Dream Monsters Care items, and they'll eventually grow and evolve into even rarer and more valuable masses of adorableness as they level up.

Moreover, PUBG Mobile gamers can complete missions, participate in an interactive mini-game, and invite others to grow their own Dream Monster in order to earn rewards that perform the same function as Dream Monster Care items: keeping their awesome pets delighted and ecstatic at all times in order to reap an even higher return on investment.

By all means, PUBG Mobile will not allow such extensive efforts to go unrewarded. Players can then sell the adorable little creatures for Ocean Crystals, which can be exchanged for exquisite and amazing clothing, accessories, skins, etc. Additionally, players can opt to keep them and allow them to achieve higher grades, which will increase their value or show them off on social media platforms.

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With over 3,000 variants, players can create their own Dream Monster collection, each with its own unique trait. With that many variants, it's not surprising that despite the game's millions of daily active users, a player might be one of the first few to acquire a particular variant. Check out the guides, missions, and rewards below.

PUBG Mobile x Dream Monster - missions

PUBG Mobile x Dream Monster - click the crystal bottle to get the dream monster in the center

PUBG Mobile x Dream Monster - daily mission

PUBG Mobile x Dream Monster - pet, feed, exercise

PUBG Mobile x Dream Monster - mini game

PUBG Mobile x Dream Monster - collect rewards

The PUBG Mobile x Dream Monster event runs until May 5, 2022.

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