Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Character Transcend/Rebirth Tips

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Character Transcend/Rebirth Tips

Here are some tips when you transcend (rebirth) your Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT character.

Generally, every time you transcend your character, your base level will always reset to level 1. Is it a hassle? Because you're Lvl 1 again, and you can't immediately recover those lost levels. At most, you need to do Transcend/Rebirth nearly ten times or so.

Base level 85 is the ideal time to transcend (trans), and it is not easy to achieve. Knowing that the base level will reset once you transcend is a bit tiring but worry no more. There's a solution there.

EXP BAG - Earned in the Exp dungeon as a reward, you can accumulate a lot of it. (For future purposes, save EXP Dungeon Bonus because it is essential, especially when your character trans is ongoing.)

Save it and just use it every time you transcend. After you trans, of course, your base level will be reset to Lvl 1. Once you use all your accumulated EXP bags, you can gain 30-40 levels instantly. Continue this until you max transcend/rebirth.

You can trans 2x a week, also depending on if you have stock of Fragment of Valkyrie.

Why does the character transcend need to be rushed?

It would be best if you hastened character transcend so that you can focus on building your equipment. Once you max out transcend, your resources will not be divided, and you will also be able to upgrade your equipment faster.

Don't neglect the character transcending. The five hundred (500) bonus stats is a big thing.

Note: In the 1st trans, it's normal for a low level to trans since it's quest-related and can't be ignored because you can't progress and your main quest. The 1st trans is also rewarding since it has a bonus of +50 stats (1 time only).

Where can I buy Fragment of Valkyrie?

  • In the secret shop, but it's random, and you should always check. One costs 300 Nyangvine.
  • It's also craftable, but you need a 5-star Crystal and 300 Shards (the fragment you get from the Infinite Space Dungeon)
  • You can also buy it from other players, but it's a bit pricey, so it is not advisable unless you are rich in RO points.

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Credits: Mark Villorejo

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