Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Sharevice (Share Service) Tips

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Sharevice (Share Service) Tips

Sharevice (Share Service) is a unique feature of the play-to-earn game Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT. It enables players to grow their characters by sharing them with other players. To utilize the Sharevice feature efficiently, check out the tips below.

Sharevice Overview

In the game, you must unlock the characters before selecting one to play with. And it creates an imbalanced and overpowered situation for one character. To prevent this scenario from happening, Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT offers a feature called Sharevice, a portmanteau of share and service. It is a system that allows you to update your characters, passively gain resources, and assist other players with their game.

Therefore, the purpose of the system is to allow you to rent out your character to other players. In addition, your character can complete quests for you, such as hunting fire monsters and others. When your character completes the quest, a reward is available. However, there are daily limits of three quests. Note that quests can be accomplished passively while offline.

Moreover, you can use Sharevice to finish your daily tasks. When a hired character completes a kill, your progress is increased. You can therefore leave your device and have these characters complete your daily quests.

Sharevice Mechanics

You can only share and receive characters with the player who has the same BP as you. For example, if you are Level 49 and your Max Power BP is 18,600, you can hire characters with 18,600 BP.

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Sharevice (Share Service) feature

Max Power BP means the BP range that you can hire. Once you press Auto Equip (random hire), the only players that will enter your list are those close to your Max Power BP.

You can do a manual search. However, in most cases, if the Sharevice level of the players on your server is high and your BP can't catch up, most likely, you won't be hired. Thus, it is vital that you are aware of the Sharevice level of the players on your server so that you can adjust your BP and still be hired even when you are offline.

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Sharevice Tips

Here are some tips to efficiently use the Sharevice feature.

Increase the level of your Sharevice

  • It's easier to finish your main quest.
  • You can hire powerful players to help you unlock a new map because the exp for unlocking a new map is higher than the quest.
  • The hirelings that always die on the higher map can be avoided. (which is a waste of Sharevice time and slot)
  • You'll not get stuck on your server.
  • You can AFK farm without worrying that your hirelings might die at the spot where you farm. (though the dead hirelings are still continuously looting, despite being dead for about 1 minute)

Tips to get hired frequently

  • You should be aware of the max Sharevice level of players on your server.
  • Set your BP close to the max Sharevice BP of the general population of your server.
  • Set your profile to Public every time you go offline. (Go to Settings and switch on the toggle button for Public Character Information)
  • Wear a Sprint set (if any). Otherwise, make sure you have the main weapon equipped. Higher movement speed is an advantage. Players like it better, especially those who farm.
  • Before you go offline, remove your equipment, cards, and PVP companion characters depending on your target BP range. All you have left is the main weapon so that somehow you still have damage, and at the same time, you can lower your BP, and they can afford to hire you.
  • Never wear a Zeny Knife. They also won't hire you if you have no damage.

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Credits: Mark Villorejo, Do Dong

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