Ways to Get RO Points in Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

Ways to Get RO Points in Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT

RO Points is a special in-game currency of Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT. It is needed to purchase things in the Market Place. Therefore, when buying in the market, you need not only Zeny but also RO points in order to purchase items from the market.

For free-to-play (F2P) players, here are the ways how to get RO Points:
Crafting Wheel Box – This is less hassle compared to spinning the wheel manually. Wheel boxes contain 50 spins in total. So, it's much more convenient and has a high chance of dropping RO points. (You can check the probability of dropping RO Points in the Wheel Box below.)

PVP Companion Compilation – Though it's limited and not easy to complete, it still gives RO points.

Summon Ticket – It drops RO points when used properly. Utilize it only on higher maps, such as Thor, Veins, etc. One Summon Ticket can give you 5 RO points per summon. So, it's also a good thing to save this one until you reach a higher-level map.

Achievement – It can give you RO points but is only limited up to a certain point. Once maxed out, you won't be getting anything from here.

Dispatch Companion Compilation – Even though it is limited and challenging to complete, it still awards RO points.

PVP Rewards – Weekly basis, and the rewards will depend on your weekly rankings.

Daily Quest – You can also obtain RO points in the Daily Quest.

Dispatch Companions – It gives 5 RO points per map (up to 2x per map, but for the 2nd dispatch, you need to watch an ad). There are currently 16 maps in Labyrinth, so 5x16 is equivalent to 80 RO points daily.

Event (Tree) – Daily online time 6 hours/360 minutes. You can claim rewards via Event > Tree > Nyangvine. Do note that this is occasional only.

Event (Login Rewards) – You can redeem RO points through the Login Rewards once every week. Just go to Event > Login Rewards. Note that the availability may vary depending on the game management.

Here's the probability of dropping RO Points in the Wheel Box.
Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT - Wheel Box - contents

Note: The abovementioned methods didn't include the ones you can acquire by doing microtransactions (buying bundle packs), and only listed are the ones that can be done without spending cash.

Additional information: Those who sell their goods in the market do not obtain RO points when someone buys their goods. So, don't ask if sellers get the RO points that you use to purchase their goods.

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