Ys 6 Mobile launches on Android, iOS with gift codes

Ys 6 Mobile launches on Android, iOS with gift codes

The classic action RPG "Ys 6 Mobile - The Ark of Napishtim" was released on Android and iOS platforms, bringing gift codes to players to help them with their journey. Read on to know the mobile game's features and gift codes for the Philippines.

Ys 6 Mobile Overview

Ys VI Mobile, officially licensed by Falcom and published by VNG Games, is the next-generation masterpiece from the classic RPG title "Ys" that has existed since 1987 on PC DOS. It tells the story of Adol Christin and his friend Dogi in their various thrilling adventures.

Ys 6 Mobile Features

The Ys 6 Mobile game is a JRPG masterpiece due to its well-written story, stunning graphics, magnificent music, and numerous unique features, including Class, Pet, Soul Card, Marriage System, and NPC interaction.

Some of Ys 6 Mobile's key features are the following:
Immersive cross-world adventure – Explore the expansive world of Ys 6 Mobile. Visit every corner of the Canaan islands, from the Holy Zemeth Santum, Rimorge Port, and Rehda Village, to the wild mountains and mysterious underwater caves, and uncover the land's long-forgotten secrets.

Five classes and nine sub-classes – Choose from five classes: Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Ranger, and Samurai (upcoming). You can level up your characters into nine sub-classes to match your preferred playing style.

Pet collection – Collect different pets to aid you in combat and exploration. Upgrade your pets' attributes to give them more advanced combat abilities, and evolve their appearances.

Diverse combat quests and battles – To gain EXP and receive valuable rewards, you can embark on an adventure in dungeons, story mode, boss raid, and treasure hunts.

Social life – Along the journey, sweet romantic encounters with unexpected twists are inevitable. In addition to tying the knot with your destined partner at a grand wedding, you will also receive various useful wedding gifts. Participate in additional leisure activities such as farming, interior design, and NPC interactions.

Ys 6 Mobile Gift Codes

Here are the gift codes for Ys 6 Mobile that you can redeem via https://event.vng.games/ys6ph/code.

Ys 6 Mobile was launched in the Philippines on May 6, 2022. You can download the Classic Fantasy Isekai Adventure JRPG on Google Play Store and iOS Apple Store.

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To know more about Ys 6 Mobile, you can visit its official website (https://ys6.vnggames.com/).

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